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Dimension 4 is a young company but with behind a strong experience in the world of 3D printing.

Since 2006, the areas of responsibility relating to him are Design, Planning, Research and Additive Manufacturing.

The company mission is to offer research services, Concept, Design, Implementation and Direct production using additive technologies (3D printing).

The activities that Dimension 4 plays are made for third parties or proposals through its distribution channels.

For the realization of the projects, it makes use of cutting edge technologies and machinery, also using 3D scanning system provides a reverse engineering services for dimensional control, or for digitizing existing parts.

The areas of interest are varied, from everyday objects to aerospace components, designer accessories to biomedical implants, from automotive to fashion.

In each sector draws on the expertise of specialists such as doctors, engineers and technicians, the company also cooperates with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Perugia for research projects.

As for the biomedical and dental industry is concerned with the design and manufacture of custom-made prosthetic implants made with materials and processes starting from digital certificates Dicom data thus restoring a more similar pattern can anatomy of the patient.

Dimension 4 has machines that use technologies such as FDM / SLS for plastics and laser sintering DMLS / SLM and EBM for metallic materials.

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Dimension 4 is a company born from the will and the vision of a young designer who since 2007 has started making 3D printing projects. Dimension 4 provides 3D printing services, reverse engineering, design and rapid prototyping with a strong bias towards additive manufacturing. The close collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, University of Perugia gives us a very high standard of achievement.

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